Transformation Coaching Groups

Coaching groups hosted by Sommer A. Seitz, LMHC, MA

Are you looking to step into transformation and healing and respond versus react to what life is throwing at you right now? Join me, Sommer Seitz, LHMC and trained mindfulness and trauma healing practitioner to provide a coaching model for you to identify areas where you are stuck and strategies to release these old emotions, patterns, and behaviors that are getting in your way of experiencing joy and living your best life.

My group coaching model is a powerful opportunity for you to gather with no more than 4 others (total of 5 people) in an intimate setting of mutual support and common intention. I will personally tailor my coaching resources to each group to address areas where you are stuck and walk you through ways you can respond to your fear, overwhelmed feelings, and limiting beliefs.

Through this journey, I will help assist you to release these responses and replace them with higher ways of feeling, functioning, and thinking.

The coaching model is not a substitute for traditional counseling and if your feel psychologically distressed to the point that is interfering with your ability to function, I encourage you to seek traditional counseling. However, if you are ready to take advantage of new tools, new mindsets, and a supportive community, be your highest self and join me in group coaching!!

(IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This coaching group will not be used for diagnosis and treatment, so if you seek traditional counseling, please refer to for licensed professional counseling services or contact your local licensed professional counselor.)

Content Covered in Coaching Model:

  • Mindfulness skills of visualization, meditation, breathe work, and more
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) skills to allow you to release unwanted emotions and beliefs and “reset” your brain and body
  • Basics of body, mind, spirit approach to healing including recognizing when you are living in lower energy and how to move through to higher energy in your body and mind
  • Integrative medicine approach of whole healing to also include food, body work, essential oils, acupressure and more
  • Each group will also determine what they most desire to explore so customization will occur

Coaching Group Includes:

  • 6 Weeks of weekly group video conference calls via Zoom platform (1 hour per session)
  • 1 Individual private coaching session (30 min) in which I will dive into your intentions for joining the group to better fit the group to your individual goals. (Also via Zoom video conference platform)

I can’t wait to see where healing takes us together! For additional information, please email me (Sommer Seitz, LMHC, MA) at