Peaceful Surrender

Honestly, sharing the episode of Peaceful Surrender was such a privilege to experience. Being able to witness what surrender is from God was transformative. So often we are battling with ourselves…we are creating the war within.
What I have learned about surrendering to God’s will and timing is that when we are in alignment with that, we are also in alignment with ourselves…with our truth, purpose and passion.

This concept was new for me because I started to realize that I was truly in partnership with the great Creator. I think before I just assumed that God would take over and I’d be like a puppet on a string. That just didn’t feel good to me. As I learned about peaceful surrender, I truly saw how my true self and God’s will for me are actually one in the same. So yes, I was surrendering to God but in return He was extending the invitation for me to align with the highest divine version of myself.

I became so excited to follow God’s invitation as an active participant (co-creator) rather than feeling like a puppet on a string.

I also want to bring up the corrupt pattern of surrender on the earth. The world shows that when you finally are forced to surrender, you lose!  That’s a LIE! When you surrender in the way it was originally intended by God, surrender means you WIN!

I ask myself these three important questions when I am seeking to align my will (using agency) with God’s will:

  • What am I afraid of (fear being the root of pride, ego, doubt, judgement, etc.)?
  • What is out of balance within myself, within the relationship, or within the experience?
  • What did my soul want to learn from what is being created?

These questions end the war or battle going on and I’m free to open up with the power of knowledge and the understanding that there is a reason for my experiences. Once the war is over within me…I’m also ready to act on the promptings and instruction I receive.

Peaceful surrender is real and it’s the essence of who we really are. So, the final question always is…are you ready to step into your true divine self?


Author Biography: Rachael Grant Dixon is from San Diego, CA. She has her Master’s degree from San Diego State University in Sport and Performance Psychology. She is a corporate trainer, podcaster, and seeker of truth. Rachael loves to connect with people from all walks of life and discover the unique attributes that bring people together.

Abundance: A Simple Question That Will Change Your Life

by Allyson Chavez, Author & Guest Contributor

In this age where so many negative connotations are assigned to different words, it’s refreshing that ‘abundance’ still carries with it a feeling of hope and excitement for the future. Even though technically abundance simply means a large amount of something, most people associate abundance with things that are good.

As The Ultimate Prosperity coach, I’ll use abundance and prosperity interchangeably, because there is such a close connection between the two, mentally speaking. For example, if I asked you, “Would you rather be abundant or prosperous?” the answer is usually, “Is there a difference?” And in today’s conversation, that answer is no!

If you want to create more abundance or prosperity, you must focus on them! To do this, I suggest a simple yet powerful exercise to instantly feel more abundant and prosperous, no matter what is going on in your life.

Ask yourself a simple question:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if…”

When you’re feeling discouraged or anything that is the opposite of abundant, ask yourself something like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I felt abundant right now?” And then stop. Your mind will answer the question, and the answer is yes!

You can then ask, “what would it look like if my life were abundant right now?” In that very moment, you’ll literally begin to feel abundant as you begin describing what your life would look like.

woman thinking

Asking this question regularly will change the course of your life.
The great thing is, you don’t have to limit the question to something as generic as abundance. You can ask yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I were my ideal weight?” Or “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could take that fabulous vacation?” You can fill in the blank with anything you desire!

You were born to be abundant. You are only one choice away from totally changing your life. Choose abundance!


Bio:  Allyson Chavez is a wealth mindset expert and the Ultimate Prosperity Coach. She is an international speaker on the topics of mindset, prosperity, and the inner work to create lasting outer wealth. She is the bestselling author of The Prosperity Approach, an energy practitioner and a sales and communications trainer. Allyson teaches live webinars and online prosperity courses to entrepreneurs, as well as high end private mentoring. Visit and for more information.

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How to balance all the “spinning plates” in our lives

Ever feel like you’re spinning so many plates in your life, that at any moment they can all come crashing down? If so, you’re not alone! However, one thing’s for certain, you’re doing better than you may think.

balancing our lives

Some of the “plates” you’re spinning may represent the following:
  • Your faith
  • Your health
  • Relationship with your spouse
  • Relationship with Child #1
  • Relationship with Child #2
  • Relationship with Child #3
  • Relationship with Child #…..etc.
  • Relationship with your Mother
  • Relationship with your Father
  • Relationships with extended family
  • Friendships
  • Volunteering at your child’s school and/or in the community
  • Employment responsibilities
  • Employment/Job relationships
  • Home management
  • Children’s activities
  • Any other area in your life that you’re CONSTANTLY THINKING ABOUT

Just reading this list is exhausting! How do we keep up and meet all those needs?  One suggestion is simply the realization that we’re not alone.  Checking in for some quality time may provide insight, perspective, distraction, or a much needed laugh.  Instead of looking down in despair, look around.  You may be surprised by all the “back-stage” hands that are helping us with the show.  Despite our efforts, while some plates may stop spinning, the world certainly will not!

Here are a few ways to keep everything up in the air…


family attention

Nothing is more distracting to all other areas of our lives then troubled relationships or family members at home.  It’s important to remember that the people closest to us should not receive our least amount of focus.  Unfortunately, this is often the case.  Balancing relationships in our homes require checking-in with one another, while checking-out with everything else.  A little quality time with some quality questions will go a long way: “Hey honey, how are things at work? How was school today kids? What was the best part of your day and what was the worst?”

Communicating with our loved ones will empower us to fulfill our other responsibilities without distraction or guilt.  Our family members are like fine china and everything else is a paper-plate.  One’s disposable, the other’s not.


How have you been feeling lately?  Are you run down? Overwhelmed? Short-tempered? If so, perhaps the plate that needs the most attention right now, is your own.  Self-care is critical to our overall effectiveness.  When I began working on my business and launching this blog, I was exercising daily, reading scriptures daily, and feeling up to the challenge.  Fast forward a few weeks later and I was staying up too late, missing my morning work-outs, rushing scripture study, and feeling overwhelmed.  It took a while to realize that self-care was the ingredient I’d been missing.  Once back in the routine of healthy habits, the ideas began to flow and I felt mentally and physically capable of more things being thrown my way.

self care


Our home is the place where we spend a lot of time. Home management involves things like:

  • Meal planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Paying bills
  • Washing laundry
  • Folding laundry (this is the beast in our house)
  • Cleaning

Depending on your household, some of these are easier then others.  But considered all at once, and you may throw this plate out of a car window headed for “somewhere other then here.” Designating different days for different tasks will help with overall production and prevent you from doing it all at once. Utilize your family members in areas you can. It’s not only going to help you, it will help them have a realistic view of what it takes to be an adult. Not that adulting stinks, but it’s not all play. Scheduling activities for certain days can focus your efforts, while freeing up time for everything else.


We’re not perfect and sometimes those plates around us may fall.  The best things in our life take consistent time and check ins. Think about it, being healthy is not a single meal or exercise.  Healthy relationships aren’t built by a single experience, or one kind gesture.  It takes effort little by little. We will make it through whatever challenge comes our way as long as we remember to breathe, and enjoy those beautiful people that are placed in our lives.

balancing the plates

About the Author:

“Hello! My name is Maristella Webley and I am a mother of six small children.  I married my childhood sweeheart (who went on to become a firefighter), and together we are building a home of learning and fun.  I also own a small, thriving preschool with classes for 3-6 year olds.  I have a passion for early childhood and know the importance of the first five years!  Parents as first teachers is the motto I have structured my kindergarten readiness kits around.  I hope to empower parents to have an active role in their child’s life, especially when it comes to early education!”


Guest Contributor – Ganel-Lyn

The way I talk to myself….

Well let’s just say I would never talk to you that way.

This isn’t just great research or therapist talk. This concept is essential to not only surviving but thriving. I am talking about practicing more gentleness and kindness. Not to your neighbor or your child but to yourself.

As the spiritual teacher, Dalai Lama says, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”

A society cannot survive without compassion – but neither can the human spirit. So -how are you talking to yourself?

Have you noticed what happens when you feel like you have failed or show up less than you wanted to? Do you feel like you need to beat yourself up?

Tonight was one of those nights. I got frustrated with my family. I was so less than my best. I snapped and had an emotional break.

After taking a time out, I started to notice the guilt. It crept in ever so slowly. My self-talk sounded like, “You always do this. Your family deserves better than a stressed out momma. You are a hot mess.”

I paused and considered what had been going on. I had been sick for the previous four days and in the doctor’s office running tests. I was out of steam.

Practicing doesn’t mean perfect. So instead of sinking down the hole of shame, I considered what I would say to a dear friend in that moment. What would I say to another mother who was trying to make dinner, handle homework time all while being sick? I would show her compassion. I would be gentle and understanding and put my arm around her. I would thank her for trying and validate how difficult things had been. I would remind her that she has done so many things right and tell her to breath. And start again.

Self-compassion doesn’t mean avoiding responsibility for “bad behavior”. It just means not sinking into the shame pit. Beating yourself up never changes behavior. Back to my “mommy moment”. I walked into the kitchen after practicing self-compassion. I apologized to my family and shared my vulnerabilities. I communicated with them how hard the past few days had been and that I was really struggling but that I was sorry for not taking a time out sooner. Honesty and taking responsibility changes behavior. Not beating yourself up.


And stop with the comparison. I know all the other mothers on your street were patient tonight and cooked an organic dinner including brussel sprouts that your kids LOVE. I know it feels like everyone else is winning at life and you – well aren’t. The truth is this we all feel like a “hot mess” sometimes. Stop with the comparing your worst with a neighbors best.

You live with you. And you will- for the rest of your life. Start practicing being your own best friend.

Try to be a little more gentle. More tender. Especially when you are less than your best because that is when it counts the most. I have come to discover that it is the quickest route to growth and change. And it is a whole lot easier than the alternative.



BIO: Ganel-Lyn is a popular motivational speaker and best-selling author – known for inspiring others with her unique honesty, authenticity and spirit. She is dedicated to her family, faith, and inspiring others. Ganel-Lyn loves teaching others with speaking and writing. She has healed from a major chronic illness and is the mother to two miracle children. Ganel-Lyn lives with an open heart and feels passionate about sharing principles that will empower others to live life with more joy and conviction.

Abundance: Mindset & Heart-set

Abundance: Mindset and Heart-set

The definition, according to official dictionaries, of abundance is a very large quantity of something. Before you start checking your bank account, I am talking about more than just having a LOT MORE time, money, or power. In this world of Instagram influencers and popular mommy bloggers – it is so easy get trapped in comparisons and locked in a ‘lack of’ mindset. I know it appears that everyone else on Facebook seems to be in Hawaii right now and all your friends seem to be winning the diet battle and training for marathons. You look around and see evidence that the world has it all going on and you are just stumbling through life. You are feeling anything but abundance because you are just getting by. So, let’s talk.


Truth. What you focus on increases. So, if all you are seeing is a lack — you will have an abundance of less-than. If you want to see the large quantity (aka abundance) of blessings and goodness in your life, focus on it. I have made it a practice of writing at least five things a day I am grateful for. We have had extended periods of un/under-employment and chronic illness struggles, when money was missing and energy was low. During those stressful seasons my little list of five often included the basics: toothpaste, heat, bed, and hugging my son. There is always something to be grateful for. I came to see when it mattered most that my heart felt lighter when my list got longer. A thankful mindset is an abundant one. We could all learn a little from Pollyanna. Play the glad game and see how your mood changes.


Have you noticed something? Hang out and scroll through social media. How do you feel? I mean after you watch a few funny cat videos — how are you really feeling? Check in. As you scroll through all the fashion posts and weight loss before-and-after photos, do you feel light? Do you feel more confident, grateful and hopeful? Or has something started to creep in? It is subtle. It looks like a little thought about how your kitchen counters aren’t as clean as…., your clothes not as current as… and your thighs not as tight as. It creeps in just enough to plant a seed. The seed of comparison. I have a friend once tell me that she was trying to be more confident with her body. She shared, “There is always a woman that is heavier than me that feels beautiful and thin. And there is also a woman skinnier then me that feels fat and unattractive.” It is all how you see it. Your mindset and thoughts determine a lot of what you feel. So watch what you are thinking! Stop looking around and believing that someone’s life, marriage, kids, and home look different than yours and better. Different doesn’t mean better. When you sense something shift in your emotions – something doesn’t feel good enough – retrace your steps. Did you swallow a comparison seed somewhere back on Instagram? Stop and pull it out.

“Zimbabweans… are joyful because they have an abundance mindset”

My son is serving a two-year mission in Zimbabwe for our church. That is Africa (and possibly the furthest place on the planet from me that he could be). There is an epidemic level of poverty and unemployment in the country. No matter how hard the living conditions and economy is – the people are happy. My son is living on the other side of the world among some of the most joyful people on the planet. Zimbabweans aren’t happy because of all of their possessions, followers on Twitter or money they have. They are joyful because they have an abundance mindset. Their hearts are focused on faith and family. Focusing on what matters most creates an abundance mind set. Maybe you and I can take a page from their book. Spend less time scrolling and comparing and more time expressing gratitude and rejoicing in all you do have. You may feel a bit richer for it.


BIO: Ganel-Lyn is a popular motivational speaker and best-selling author – known for inspiring others with her unique honesty, authenticity and spirit. She is dedicated to her family, faith, and inspiring others. Ganel-Lyn loves teaching others with speaking and writing. She has healed from a major chronic illness and is the mother to two miracle children. Ganel-Lyn lives with an open heart and feels passionate about sharing principles that will empower others to live life with more joy and conviction.