Podcast: Body Awareness

I loved this conversation with Isabella Hague, a certified fitness trainer and health coach, about her journey of self-love in relationship to her body and approaching wellness from the abundance of the heart. Bella tells a powerful story of moving from her story of scarcity and “not enough” mindset when she was facing infertility, miscarriages, health limitations, and perfectionism to deciding it was time to have an unconditionally loving relationship toward her body and to create energetic alignment with her healthiest self.

As she began become aware of a scarcity mindset around her body, she was able to shed this mindset in favor of unconditional love for her body, new health information, new opportunities to enjoy her body, and an abundant mindset toward health and wellness. Bella is all about releasing shame and giving yourself permission to have all the good things! Bella focuses on helping people to fall in love with their bodies, breaking false traditions of shame around our bodies, and how to have sustainable health practices that fit the individual. Her overall message is you give your body good things you will find your unique balance. If your are someone who has dealt with scarcity and shame around your body this podcast is for you.

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Isabella Hague, NASM, CPT

Biography: Isabella Hague NASM CPT, online health coach, and certified group exercise instructor. She is also a wife and mother of 2. She began personal training in 2014 and has since acquired over 18 certifications and continues to expand her education each year. Helping others cultivate confidence and make real lasting change is what drives her. You can find her on instagram via @Thefloridians or join her free Facebook group Bella’s Bella’s beasts for more information.

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