Healing Art Seminar: Presale Happening NOW!

In this seminar, we will bring both the concepts of science and spirituality together in harmony to reveal the principles of self-healing that encompass your whole person of body, mind, and spirit. No journey toward self-realization is alike, however, as you become aware of universal principles and repeating patterns in the knowledge gained through this course you will learn how to enact these principles through experiential learning of body work, meditation, emotional release, visualization, and a deeper connection to your divine intuition.

As a holistic trauma specialist, I will guide your process of learning to identify stored experiences of fear stuck in your body, ground your body to its natural rhythms, establish a body-mind connection, and help you learn how to express and regulate your emotions and embody your truth. Next, I will help you translate the wisdom of the body to examine your mindset and see where your mind may be stuck in fear-based beliefs. You will learn how to release your fear and focus your mindset on love over fear allowing you to enact an abundance mindset.

No matter how broken, disconnected, or lost you may feel you have an inborn capacity to heal. The truth of your creation is encoded not only in your DNA but also in the wisdom of your heart, and we get to continually choose to reveal new versions of self and even upgrade our DNA.

In addition, I will introduce you to the four levels of consciousness and help you expand your mindset to embody your unique spirit. Lastly, we will learn about the energy centers of the body, how to align them to your truth, and expand them to support your best intentions. This will be a gradual journey of self-mastery and with it self-realization that will allow you to stand in your sovereignty as a co-creator of your life and release the drama and helplessness of your painful experience. I have walked this path personally and professionally and I am excited to be your guide in the most important work you will ever do, to step into your wholeness!

The Learning Container:

We will allow 2 months for each aspect of our whole healing learning starting in body, then mindset, and lastly energy centers. Starting Monday October 3rd, you will receive a link to a private YouTube channel entitled, “The Healing Art Seminar,” in which I will post 2 classes bi-weekly in October and November, totaling four classes on “The Body as the Gateway to Healing.” Additionally you will be invited to a private Facebook group where live group sessions will be held to process the information on alternate weeks. Three different live group chat rooms within the Facebook page will be set-up. The three groups will be divided into times including early morning, midday, and evening in hopes of meeting the varying schedules and time zones for everyone.  As previously mentioned, we will utilize these sessions to meet and process the previous week’s class in our supportive community; allowing for questions and discussion as you assimilate these principles. I will ask you to RSVP your chosen time within the Facebook group and I will be present to help you assimilate learning both in these group discussions as well as answering chat questions. I invite you to post your personal growth stories, questions, and discussion about the learning modules within the Facebook group that will be supportive to our collective growth and learning. 

The Healing Art Seminar is divided into a 3-part seminar: 

1) The Body is the Gateway to Healing
2) The Abundant Present Mindset
3) Energy Center Alignment and Metaphysical Healing

Seminar 1: “The Body is the Gateway to Healing” 

Oct 3rd- Dec. 1st, 2022

Description: This section we will learn body-based healing modalities to establish the body-mind connection, learn how to regulate your emotional body, release energies from past experiences that are stuck in the body, and use your body as a map to where you are experiencing imbalance. There is an important and essential foundation to be able to master your mindset and align your energies in later seminar learning.


  • Self-Compassion (anchors of Humility and Gratitude)
  • Polyvagal Theory BASIC framework: Befriend, Attend, Shape, Integrate, Connect
  • Somatic Internal Family Systems 
  • Heart Mind Coherence Meditation
  • Mindfulness
    • Telling the story of the body
    • Visualization
    • Breathe work
    • Grounding
    • Energetic release of pain body
  • Movement, touch 
  • Nature therapy

Seminar 2: “The Abundant Present Mindset”

Jan 9th- March 3rd, 2023

Description: We will use a narrative therapy lens to learn how your body is keeping score with stories you tell yourself whether they be of fear and scarcity or love and abundance. We will learn how to identify your inherited and learned limiting beliefs, emotions, and patterns of behavior and how to release and replace them with a more abundant mindset. We will also dive into concepts of higher consciousness and ways to connect intentionally with your divine self and your Source to manifest that which you desire in life. 


  • Inner-Child Work, Drama Triangle, and The Empowerment Dynamic
  • Emotional Alchemy
  • Forgiveness
  • Present-Centered Living
  • Laws of Creation
  • Mindfulness and Stillness 
  • Four levels of Consciousness
    • Conscious relationships (little taste)
  • Ten stages of Awakening
  • Seven stages of Spiritual Development
  • Manifesting, NLP basics

Seminar 3: “Energy Center Alignment and Metaphysical Healing” 

March 6th- April 28th

Description: We will become acquainted with the main energy centers of the body, how they connect to the physical systems of the body, emotions, and mindset. You will learn how to identify blocks of the energy body that are impeding your goals and how to remove these blocks through mindful intention and balance your body’s energies for health, joy, and vitality. You will also learn how to enhance your energy systems through sound, connection to nature, movement, and diet. We will also learn about your unique balance of energies, known as yin and yang, and how to release imbalance in these parts of self and bring your unique energetic expression into life!


  • The Anatomy of the Energy Body
  • Ethics of Energy Management
  • Energy Testing
  • Energy Medicine, Metaphysical Healing
  • Quantum Healing and The Energy Codes
  • Healing Your Energetic Wounded Child
  • Yin and Yang (Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies)
  • Food Energetics with Sarvita Emch 

Summary: In 6 months I will give you a solid overview of my 14 years of studying the healing art so you can take this holistic perspective and apply it to your unique path of growth with greater sense of confidence and sovereignty! 

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