Podcast: Defying Gravity

In this episode, I share how the musical, Wicked, and the lyrics to the song, Defying Gravity, mirror some of my lived experience in learning to trust my intuition when my path felt “less traveled.” I also discuss the science behind why some of us choose to ignore our intuition in favor of “fitting in” or being accepted by systems because our autonomic nervous systems are wired for connection and to feel safe within “a tribe.”

Regardless of these wired connections, there is even a louder cry from your soul to show up as your unique self, share your unique gifts with the world, and in order to do so we have to metaphorically “defy gravity.” In this case, gravity refers letting go of external sources of safety and security, identifying mind-states that trigger your autonomic nervous system to act in a state of fear and hypervigilance or even shutdown, and reprograming your mind to experience safety and security from the inside out.

Ultimately, this promotes growth towards spiritual maturity which allows one to hear and follow the unique “the voice for God” within. This sovereign voice calls for you to no longer play small, keep quiet, or live in fear of loss of love or connection, but rather have confidence in your own being.

Join me as I share the real work I have done to move from resistance to acceptance of myself that in turn expanded my capacity to see the value in the difference and uniqueness of those walking differently than me and to meet them in a space of greater unity and oneness. I hope this podcast helps you reflect on where you are on your journey through the perspectives of science, spirituality, and human growth and development!

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Sommer A. Seitz, MA, LMHC

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