Podcast: Divine Union (Part II)

The stage has been set by Intuition and Leadership Coach Emily Baker and I in the previous episode, Divine Union Part I. We have taken you on a journey into the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies that interplay in our healing processes and how connecting to the intangible energy body is valuable when seeking wholeness.

In the previous episode, Emily introduced us to her “staircase model” that maps the repeatable and predictable pattern that can be seen in the interaction between the divine feminine and masculine energies as we seek to rise and go on our unique growth journeys. In this podcast, we take each part of Emily’s model and break them down. Here are some key items covered:

  1. A walk you through some growth edges step-by-step in each stage and ways to more effectively navigate these edges.
  2. Normalization of ways you have likely already done this work before and simply lacked awareness of your process to increase your confidence moving forward.
  3. Sharing our collective personal and professional experience in completing this cycle many times and what we found has helped us and those we counsel to navigate the process with greater divine union.

Our hope is that this podcast will give you greater confidence in your intention rise up, find greater support in the process, and maintain connections that which you value most. You won’t want to miss this powerful episode full of tools and best practices!

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Emily Carolynn Baker Biography: Wife to her high school sweetheart. Mother to three adorable boys. Lover of all things chocolate, bare feet, and rainy days. Studied as a dual major in Biology & Psychology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Instute and Theory U from MIT’s The Presencing Institute. Trained in life coaching as well as other non-traditional methods such as EFT tapping, & timeline healing. https://www.emilycarolynnbaker.com

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