Podcast: Divine Union (Part I)

Have your ever felt that the science of energetics (the balance of divine feminine and masculine energies) is too intangible for you to connect or understand? In this podcast, I invite Emily Baker, an Intuition and Leadership Life Coach, to discuss with us her “staircase model”. This model combines science, psychology, and energetics in an effort to show a predictable pattern of how energy expands and interacts within each of us as we grow across our lifespan and particularly as we learn to hear and follow our own intuition to create balance and union with others.

Emily also focuses her work on understanding the rise of the divine feminine and how this rise may trigger responses in the masculine that are predictable and understandable. Her work is to help us find union between these energies as we rise together. Learn the predictable patterns you can use as guideposts to navigate your process of growth and development and join Emily as she uses the power of story to give language and structure to the masculine and feminine energies. There is a dance both within us and between us and all systems in our circles of these energies, so learn to better understand that dance and feel into where you are in your journey. Let’s be more prepared to navigate our intentions to heal, expand, and show up in wholeness!

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Emily Carolynn Baker Biography: Wife to her high school sweetheart. Mother to three adorable boys. Lover of all things chocolate, bare feet, and rainy days. Studied as a dual major in Biology & Psychology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Instute and Theory U from MIT’s The Presencing Institute. Trained in life coaching as well as other non-traditional methods such as EFT tapping, & timeline healing. https://www.emilycarolynnbaker.com

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