Podcast: Nature as Healer

So many of us have rituals of healing that connect us to Nature such as gardening, hiking, and even sitting under trees. Have you ever wondered why? In this podcast, I invite two women, ShaIyn Kessler and Heidi Broadbent, whom I believe to hold great wisdom, to share their journey of healing through nature. We get raw and real about past struggles and how nature has provided resiliency, wisdom, a safe space, nurturing, and a connection back to our true divine selves. We talk about how great wisdom truths have often come as people sit under trees. Join us as we learn about how nature teaches lessons on transition, how to heal after trauma, and finding connection.

These wonderful women share their journey of healing and take us to a place where we can see that Mother Nature is truly always there and waiting for us to find the connection, nurture, and healing wisdom we seek. Come be nurtured by this heartwarming podcast.

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