Podcast: Healing our Mother Wound

We all know there is inherent trauma in the loss of a physical parent, but have you ever considered the wounding caused by the loss of a spiritual parent? In this podcast I am excited to introduce Krystal Barnes, an educator on Divine Feminine who has made it her mission to trace the feminine aspect of God in biblical text, mythologies, and histories to show that there has always been a mother, or feminine aspect of God. Unfortunately, this voice has been largely suppressed.

We discuss the amazing phenomena of this “year of the mother,” and how many are waking up to their Divine Mother and their “mother wound” that is felt in each of our psyches. We also discuss how both men and women have aspects of divine feminine and masculine within them, and both of these parts of our divinity need acknowledgement and development to achieve personal and relational balance. We both share our journeys in healing our mother wounds, how these wounds show up in both men and women, and how you may be able to draw closer to this potentially suppressed aspect of your Self.

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Krystal LaRee Barnes

Guest Bio: Krystal LaRee Barnes is a therapy-driven Family Life Educator, a singer-songwriter, and a seeker of the Divine Feminine. Krystal is a mother of two, an adventurer, an empath, and a lover. She relishes in discussing deep, big picture concepts and working towards universal love and healing. Krystal speaks under the Instagram handles, @myheavenlymother and @krystallareemusic.

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