Podcast: Messages from a Donkey

This holiday season I have been pondering an unexpected teacher, the “donkey” from the Christian tradition. The donkey symbolism has been speaking to me from my Christmas Nativity manger scene in my family room with its symbolic truths that are for all of us as we go on the journey towards greater love and connection with our divine self. The donkey brings us messages of humility, peace, and service under the heaviest of loads as well as the need to untie yourself from that which holds you back.

Join me as I ponder on other profound messages from the Christian tradition of the Nativity and how it invites each of us to wholeness within ourselves and each other. This message came to me as a birthday gift this morning just in time to invite you to participate in the shedding of a mindset of fear, shame, and separation at this time of Winter Solstice. You can join in the ancient tradition of shedding the old year, with the sun completing it’s yearly journey, and starting a new one Dec. 21st! I invite you to hear the messages for the donkey this holiday season.

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