Podcast: Are you brave?

For several months I have been gathering up courage to talk to you about a very personal topic, Human Sexuality. Why would a therapist struggle to talk about something that is such a big part of all our lives? I explore my own indoctrination around sexuality and how owning my divine sexuality has been perhaps the most important and most difficult part of my healing journey.

In this episode, I candidly share my experience with doing a personal inventory of beliefs, systems, and perspectives that I recognized needed to go and how I replaced them with those that allowed for greater healing. I speak of my journey from child to woman in sexuality and how I learned to be responsible for how I show up in my relationships, with my own body, and how to co-create my sexual experience. I explore the first steps in healing wounded sexuality and invite you to step more fully into concepts of oneness and harmony with both your divine self and your partner. This one is raw and real!

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