Mindfully Stepping into Late Summer

There’s something especially unique about this season of the year, this August to September time of year. We get glimpses of summer mixed with feelings of fall. Dusk and twilight have cooled down subtly, while the heat of the day may still have some sizzle to it. In Chinese medicine, this timeframe is known as Late Summer—its own unique and separate season from early Summer and Fall.

Late Summer is known as the transition season, where we are moving out of the yang time of year, out of the active Spring and bursting Summer, and into the yin of cooling Fall and Winter. With this transition, we can prepare our bodies and minds to more fluidly glide into a new pace and state of being. In this video, I cover ways to especially nourish our bodies to shift from Early Summer to Late Summer. In the coming weeks, we’ll have more on how to also shift our mindsets. I hope that you feel prepared and steady through this current season. Love you, my dear friend.

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