Podcast: Getting Out of Your Own Way

You likely can identify when stuck in fear, shame, and overwhelm. However, you may struggle to identify the root of this emotional state and how to shift out of it.

In this episode, I will discuss the common plight that is self-sabotage. Then we’ll go further into how you move out of these states into higher levels of consciousness that allows for personal growth and expansion. We will discuss topics such as: 3-Centered Knowing, the electro-magnetic properties in thoughts and feelings, and how to be intentional in what you intake into your mind and body. After all, you create your own view of reality.

Join me in learning how to “choose in” to what you wish to create. Learn to recognize your blocks and be invited to expand and clear your beliefs, emotions, and energies that are stored in your mind and body that do not serve you. Come learn how to be further aligned with that which you most desire!

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