Summertime Emotional Prep

Hi, friend! How is your summer going? Has it had its moments? Sometimes more hot and wet than preferred, and other times refreshing and bright? I’m right there with you. Something that has been helping me through the heated days lately has been knowing more about the seasonal, emotional trends Chinese Medicine has identified. Early healers recognized specific emotional swings we may go through during different seasons of the year.

The summer has specific emotional tendencies that include feelings of lost, vulnerable, frightfully overjoyed, muddled, and non-thinking/non-emotive. I created a video to help prepare us for these summer feelings if they show up. In the video, I more fully delve into what these emotions are, how they show up, and how you can maintain greater emotional balance during the summer. I also wanted to make sure you felt equipped with some at-home tools, so I provided some acupressure points as well as a meditation to pair with gentle breathing exercises tailored for the summer.

Here’s the video:

I hope you can have a brilliant season this summer, rising in your radiance as well as resting and rooting in stability. Love you, beautiful friend!

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