Podcast: Walk Uniquely with Oneness

Using a model of human growth and development, we explore the journey of moving towards something called, “Oneness.” Each of us is a unique Self with gifts, talents, and purpose that only we can individually bring to the world. Through the process of differentiation, you can learn how to show up as your unique Self even while being part of larger systems that may not always celebrate our uniqueness. Learning to see both the divinity in yourself and others that walk differently than you, allows for greater emotional and spiritual maturity and greater connection to the whole of the human family.

May I suggest that our experiences of separation from love are our greatest teachers of where we are invited to grow into greater love. As we learn to observe our fear, triggers, and judgements of others, we become aware of our separation from love that stems from our ego self and its difference from our true identity. Awareness is the doorway to healing. I share some of my learnings along my path toward enlightenment and how I “choose the light” in how I see myself and others. I will walk you through an exercise that reveals the 3 parts of self: Ego, Heart, and spirit that all communicate to us different messages of our identity. By making this previously subconscious chatter conscious, you are empowering yourself to choose to hear the voice that best aligns with your true identity and what you desire to create.

Oneness allows you to walk in greater confidence in your unique path before God/Source within your systems of family, friends, work, and religious communities. I invite you to explore how to uniquely walk in oneness in this podcast!

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