Open Hands to the Seasons of Life

Surrender. The law of sacrifice. Practicing nonresistance. From Buddhism, to Christianity, to modern-day surfers’ mantra, there has been a message of wisdom to “Go with the flow”. It seems this message is so timeless because our human nature is often reflexively resistant. Learning to “fight” for our survival or “make” our dreams come true has resulted in an especially difficult challenge to let go for me. How about you?

I’ve recently been finding my ability to surrender, or live with open hands as my husband and I call it, by living more consciously in the seasons of the year. In last month’s video post, I mentioned how the emotions of paralyzed will and fear may show up more during the Winter. Knowing this, I’ve been able to more kindly nurture these feelings and myself when they have shown up and be more proactive in taking care of myself so I’m not completely overcome by them.

Lately, these feelings of paralysis, fear, and hopelessness have been showing up for me as we’ve been home hunting. Its heart-throb followed by heartache over and over again. Exhaustion, confusion and discouragement have been my frequent visitors. My granule of peace comes from following the wisdom—surrender to trust. Gradually, more grains of sand are dropped in and I see the good that has come in my loss. I learned more of what I hope our home and community to look and feel like and what I don’t.

Then I focus on what is in my power of choice. I choose to beautify more of my home now. I choose healthier habits so my body can transport my heart, mind, and spirit into movements, flavors, and nourishment that elevate and energize me. By eating seasonally, I have especially found joy and sustaining. The vegetation, herbs, and oils aligned with the seasons of the year we’re in help us move through our feelings that get us feeling stuck. With warming energy during the winter and cooling energy in the hotter months, we can find Mother Earth garnishing us with the exact sustenance we need for our bodies, minds, and spirits to heal and rise. By keeping our hands open to the seasons life brings us, we can find gifts amidst the grief, hope along with the heartache, and strength to choose surrender.

I love you, friend, and I’m grateful for the chance to walk alongside you this winter <3

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