Rooted and Balanced for the Winter

Happy New Year, my Whole Women Link sisters! I hope you have been able to enjoy a beautiful start. Whether that’s the case or not, I think our Whole women Link 2021 intention can support and buoy you personally as you begin the year:

“Rooted in belonging, rising prepared, and bearing fruit of peace.”

I thought you might enjoy knowing the story behind the creation of this intention. You were at the core of it. As I sat to consider what words to help us regain stability after last year being full of constant changes, the word “prepared” first arose. During historical catastrophes, people from civilizations worldwide have found survival and emotional solace in the ancient wisdom of preparation. I felt that learning how to prepare and what to prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually can help us to stand, come what may.

Belonging came next as I heard Sommer’s voice come to mind, telling me of this most common need of her clients in sessions lately. I realized we can’t push off connecting until after Covid or other trials pass. We need to feel connected and belonging now, so we want to connect with you now and foster our Whole Women Link neighborhood to be even more of a place to belong.

Last was peace. Its for ourselves to savor and enjoy as well as the intention I feel you too may enjoy being able to share. Whether those we extend our peace fruits partake or not, we have linked them to the option, and that is enough.

I created this video with the hope to create a sense of each of these: belonging, preparation, and peace tailored for this Winter season. We discuss the Chinese Medicine Element of Water and how it can get out of balance. You may enjoy knowing your Element as you watch the video so you are welcome to take the Elements Quiz I created so you can be empowered to live more fully in your element and embrace your unique ways.

Here’s the free Element’s Quiz link:

I hope you feel even more able to root, stand, and bear fruit of peace as you watch this video and the follow-up next week. Sending you my love and gratitude for you!

-Dr. Crystal Nix, DC, CAc


    • So true, Jessica! Both faith and fear have a common thread of something being unknown, but why not choose hope and goodness can still come? Thank you for sharing your thought!

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