Podcast: Balanced Goals

It’s the New Year and many of us are hitting the ground running seeking a better 2021! For this purpose, I invited veteran fitness instructor and health coach, Melanie Gillespie, to share her journey from setting extreme fitness goals that led her to crashed adrenals and a broken mindset to taking time to do the inner work.

She now enjoys a balanced mindset, a healthy body, and a health relationship with herself. Her story is all too familiar as we often seek to “run faster than we have strength” and to set goals from the ego, shame-based part of us rather than from our hearts and true self. Come learn how to set goals in a sustainable way that leads to you having success both mentally and physically.

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Melanie Gillespie, Fitness Trainer

Melanie Gillespie – Hey, Y’all…I’m Melanie, a mama of 6, a 12+ year veteran fitness instructor/former gym owner, and an Independent Certified Health Coach! Although I’ve had a long-standing relationship with fitness and health, I often struggled to maintain a healthy, balanced approach, in my mindset and habits. I was forever fighting, my body and mind, to produce the results I thought I wanted. This struggle left me exhausted, anxious and eventually, led to a complete adrenal crash. It was then I started exploring the importance of, not just a healthy body, but a healthy mind to go with it. I have found that important balance to be the missing link to my overall health and well being. I now have abundant energy, HOPE, peace, passion and purpose. My mission is to help others learn to create that same HOPE, light, and abundant thinking. I’m still a work in progress, myself, but look forward to the journey of learning, growing and walking this journey, called life, alongside others.

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