Podcast: Let’s Discuss Loneliness

In this episode, I invite my friend and colleague, Rachael Grant Dixon (host of “She’s Awake Podcast”) to share her unique perspective on the mindset of loneliness. We discuss how to “get curious” and experiment on new ways of processing the feelings of loneliness we all experience. Learn how feelings of division or separation with those to whom we seek meaningful connection can contribute to our loneliness. Come sit at our table and enjoy a candid conversation between two friends as we discuss ways to address these challenges, and how we personally have addressed feelings of disconnect.

Direct Link: https://media.transistor.fm/7778fa72/27f4fe17.mp3

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/79bEVWJLXIZJ00aO13KIow?si=BPG0aSOpRqq72B_nOhAdow

iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/breaking-free-a-body-mind-spirit-approach-to-mental-health/id1459766593

Rachael Grant Dixon is the host of She’s Awake Podcast…Living Life with Truth, Purpose, and Passion. She is a sports and performance psychology consultant and works with individuals, companies and sport teams. Rachael specializes in teaching techniques and strategies that help people optimize their performance and increase their work productivity. Rachael believes that each person has their own path to truth and that each person is unique in the way that they contribute to the world. Discovering that purpose and passion is what life’s all about. 

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