Season for “Wintering”

I find it ironic that my name is Sommer, yet I was born one day before the Winter Solstice! God, my Source, is always using metaphors to teach me, and I feel there is wisdom to be found in my birth and name. Dr. Crystal Nix Dayton, co-founder of and my dear friend, has been a wonderful teacher over the years to me of the wisdom found in Chinese medicine. Crystal has taught me how to embrace the season of life I am in and my natural elemental tendencies.

You see, winter calls us to embrace stillness, look into our inner-being, and embrace the darkness within us and around us. When I reflect on last 2 months, I’ve felt a metamorphosis happening within me. Interestingly, I have noticed that my metamorphosis has been much more of an inner-movement than an outer-doing or outer-accomplishment. Isn’t this what winter teaches us?

“Winter calls us to embrace stillness [and] look into our inner-being…” – Sommer A. Seitz, MA, LMHC

This winter, I am conscientiously embracing the concept of “wintering,” and plan on allowing my body and mind to have greater stillness. I’m also resting from lower-energy concepts like “striving to be,” and letting my dominate element, fire, replenish its reserves. You see, I am heavily “Yang” (the energy that drive productivity, leadership, and strength), and I need a daily dose of “Yin” (the energy that comes from nurture, flow, and living in the moment) to re-balance. If you listen to your body and the messages from earth this season, you may hear that call to do more inner-work, replenish your reserves, and seek more stillness.

Perhaps, you are finding yourself keeping busy and avoiding the inner-work that is calling to you. But isn’t Earth modeling the importance of resting from productivity and allowing oneself to grow from the inside out. I have made the mistake too many times of skipping the “wintering” stage of the year and often seek the same level of productivity all year long. When I skip this important time of the year, it usually leads to burnout and frequently gets in the way the chance to gain personal growth that is waiting for me if I just have the courage to be still.

This season, let’s embrace the call of Winter to do some depth work from the inside out. If you haven’t checked out my podcast, “Breaking Free: A body, mind spirit, approach to mental health,” it is all about healing from the inside out and it may be a great companion to your intention to flow with nature, rather than against it this winter season.

Let’s be real, I am a girl filled with inner-fire, but I also live from a deep connection to earth (earth and fire are my two predominant Chinese elements). I was born in the middle of winter, which has become a continual reminder to me that stillness is the source of my greatest renewal and that the inner journey of healing is my life’s purpose and passion. I am forever seeking to shine light on the inner darkness that may be blocking my true self and the true self of others and winter is a great time to get clear and renewed in that purpose.

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Sommer A. Seitz, MA, LMHC
Dr. Crystal N. Dayton, DC, CAc

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  1. This post is amazing! I went to visit a friend at the end of October and we both felt that this is exactly where we are and decided to embrace wintering wholeheartedly. It is such a beautiful thing that this is also the message you felt inspired to share. Thank you for putting those guiding words together. Cheers to our season of wintering!

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