Podcast: The Healing Power of Gratitude

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This new season is all about creating our best life in the face of challenge. I am excited for you to hear from Kamelia Britton, my October guest. October is both Breast Cancer and Mental Health Awareness month and Kamelia is an inspiration on both accounts!

I met Kamelia in the middle of her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and was inspired by her courageous and inspirational response to her disease. She is known as the “Hackerette”, and at one point had built herself what most would consider a dream life of travel and wellness. She was paid to inspire others online as she took pictures in new exotic locations monthly and shared her tips and photos via Instagram and blogs.

What came next surprised all of us, but her most of all. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and her entire life shifted overnight. Kamelia tells us how there is life before, in the middle of, and after cancer and you are never the same. I appreciate her authenticity and vulnerability as she has shared with followers on social media her battle with cancer and how she used that struggle to help find new purpose and passion. She tells us how she was able to start a “love ripple” that allowed her to ease her pain by focusing on lifting others. These and other gratitude practices helped her find the strength-based mindset to beat her cancer and help others find their unique voice. 

Kamelia reminds us all that there is much in life we cannot control and often our challenges come out when we least expect them. We all have the choice to choose a purpose driven life and allow our pain to move us to new growth, but this is not an easy road.  Join me for an honest interview about her journey and how it has shaped her life and personhood. Learn how their truly is healing power that comes from gratitude practices, especially when life hands you a challenge you did not expect or ask for. 

Kamelia Britton

Website: https://hacker ette.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamelia.britton/

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