Podcast: Born to Create (Part II)

Welcome to Part 2 of “Born To Create” Episode!  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Part 1, start there as it will give you an introduction on how to focus your desire to start creating your life versus surviving it. Now you are ready to acknowledge that life’s challenges are there to help you expand and teach you. There is enough energy, wisdom, and love to help you get through your challenges and create the life you choose. 

In this Episode, I am getting real with you on what your specific blocks are to stepping into what I will call “The Empowerment Dynamic” coined by David Emerald’s “Power of Ted.”  I will share with you an original meditation I created to teach my clients about the creation of our ego from fear and shame that is not “of you.” I will help you reconnect to your true self that is safe, loved, good enough, and whole/complete and identify where you’ve lost connection with that truth through false experience. We will then take that truth to create some “Dynamic Tension” so you are continually called towards your best self!

You will learn about combing the skills of intention (your desired outcome) with attention (keeping your focus), so you can manifest your dreams. These are proven skills that I teach professionally. This episode will give you a taste of our upcoming conference release, “Healed and Freed to Live From Joy”, which you will be able to watch online (Coming September 2020 to WholeWomenLink.com) and take that next step in your transformation journey. You are not here by accident. Our Soul’s purpose will never be quiet. This is your time to get clear on what you want, establish a community of support that can get you where you are going, and have the practices that lead to success! I am so happy you are here. 

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Sommer A. Seitz, LMHC

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