Podcast: Born to Create (Part I)

When did you decide you were too old to live your dreams? Many of us have listened to false messages about who we are allowed to be and given up on pursuing goals, activities, and environments that bring us joy.

In this episode, I will discuss how to move away from the “dreaded drama triangle” that keeps you stuck and into “your creator self”.  You will learn the difference between living the life you choose and the life where you always feel victim to circumstance, emotions, and people. I will acknowledge the real struggle we experience in letting go of old ways of being and ways we get trapped in our own drama and drama of others; however, I’ll also help you discover a clear “why” and map toward your vision, so you can finally give yourself permission to live from passion and discover how to make your dreams a reality. 

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  1. Loved this! I’ve never thought if the drama cycle in this way. I loved youriyour Thanks for sharing!

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