Settle for Survival or Live Abundantly?

Who wants to just settle or stay in survival-mode? Most of us wouldn’t at first glance, but living on automatic sometimes snags us from even getting to ask the question. Another reason many of us may find ourselves uncertain of living beyond survival-mode is because we haven’t identified what we really desire. Sure, we may say hopeful, general statements like, “I want to be healthier” or “I want to feel less stressed”, but there’s no driving purpose behind these hopes. These statements are directionless and leave us discouraged, so we end up retreating to automatic and survival-mode.

Free yourself from this loop! In our most recent video, we discuss ways to identify your unique desires with a resounding purpose. Your pursuit and fulfillment of this desire will not only free you from the lie of having to just settle in life. Instead, you’ll be able to achieve health, less stress, and other great benefits as a byproduct of your efforts to live from your desire.sushobhan-badhai-LrPKL7jOldI-unsplash

Plus, there’s a bonus. Your desire will also have a ripple effect to help those around you and all of us fulfill our desires too! This is where abundance lives–within the germination and nourishment of your desire seedling. The good you desire to share and receive gives those around us that good we are looking for. So pursue your good desire, and be open to receive! Live abundantly.

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