Anchor through Your Desires

Lately, we may feel more susceptible to being yo-yoed around by the news, restrictions, or opinions. Can we still feel anchored? We sure can! When you stay tapped into your desires, a sense of purpose shields you from societal onslaughts. By using your desires to inspire your daily activities, you can stay grounded during constantly changing tides.

Our desire in Whole Women Link has been to bring you messages of inspiration in a community that loves and appreciates you. We value your voice, your actions, your efforts. Keep going, sister! As you do so with a direction to fulfill your desires, you are making a ripple effect for good on those around you. Thank you. If no one else has recently thanked you for who you are and what you do, we thank you. What you do matters, and we’re so grateful to get to be connected with you!

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