Free from Fall Frenzy

‘Tis the season…Usually this means for us as women that we are dashing faster and juggling more than life’s typical demands. With planning parties, hosting relatives, or prepping for travels, who has time to stop and enjoy the Fall and festivities?

We may feel tugged and yanked from one thing to the next, but it is possible to actually do so with peace, gratitude, and a sense of being present. One big thing we can do to help ourselves is see if we can delegate…Or even say no. May sound insane, but life will not collapse if you don’t do all the decorating, cooking, and contacting people. Have your kids scavenger hunt for a few pinecones and your decorations are set. Make it a potluck instead of you being in charge of it all, and that can also take care of some of the contacting task. It’s time we make our gatherings about togetherness and not the appearance, the food, or all the other ancillary parts.

noemi-macavei-katocz-RMxmvxz9tHQ-unsplash.jpgIf we remind ourselves that the point is about being together and being present, we may find our blow ups and break downs less frequent and less intense. I get caught up in the frenzy sometimes too. This perspective of gratitude for the moment and those around me has helped diminish my irritability and anxiety so I actually can enjoy more.


We will provide more in depth practices and principles to help equip you to enjoy life more at the Whole Women Link Retreat next Saturday. We will discuss ways for you to experience further healing and freedom to live from joy. It will be a filling time of connecting with ourselves and other beautiful women seeking to better themselves. We’ll be nestled in the breathtaking surroundings of Lakeside Inn in Mt. Dora, enjoy the healthy lunch provided, and have fun doing Zumba. So come comfy and ready to enjoy an equipping and empowering get-away!

Sign up link: 


Last day to sign up is this Friday, Nov 8th. Here’s the itinerary


8:30am- Introduction to Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Healing

9am-Moving into Healing and Freedom

10am- Breakout Session #1: (50 min rotating classes)

– The Mindfulness Path to Growth

-No Longer Hyper or Hypo, but Balanced

11am- Breakout Session #2 (50 min classes switch)

– The Mindfulness Path to Growth

-No Longer Hyper or Hypo, but Balanced

12pm-Lunch will be provided

(Salmon or Roasted Chicken with steamed seasonal veggies, parsley potatoes, and garden salad)

(Make sure to take the Elements Quiz and change into Zumba shoes or clothes)

1pm- Break Out Session #3 (50 min rotating classes)

-Healing Your Wounded Child

-Living Within Your Element

2pm- Mindful Movement–Zumba or nature walk (20 mins)

2:30 pm-Break Out Session #4 (50 min classes swap)

-Healing Your Wounded Child

-Living Within Your Element

3:30 pm-Living from Joy

4:45pm- Group Reflection and Feedback

5 pm-End of Retreat

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