Podcast: Meeting our Unmet Needs

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In this podcast episode I will seek to give you tools to identify what your unmet needs are that you may be seeking to meet in less than Abundant sources in your life.  We will identify Abundant sources and take ownership for meeting our developmental needs in adulthood so we can be empowered to step out of the emotions of shame and disappointment that keep us stuck. 


  1. Thank you Sommer it’s so true balance of giving and receiving and self nurture and nurturing others.
    I’m a recoverer and I have to keep this daily
    Hope to connect as I’m teaching “ How to stay sane in a crazy world “ no meds.xx

  2. What a wonderful podcast, Summer. I LOVE being able to have these words to reference over and over again as I learn to internalize them. You have been a continued guiding light in my life and I thank you for it!
    P.S. Why does it always come back to balance? Ha ha ha! I think God is REALLY trying to drill this in to my heart.

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