Winter Reflections: A Grateful Tradition


Winter, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, correlates with hibernation, an opportunity to rest from activity in order to reflect, ruminate, and realign for a Spring revival. Now that much of the holiday bustle has lessened, its a good time to experience this tradition of mindfulness. With our focus on gratitude this month, we can especially experience the healing gifts of reflection. May you experience gratitude for yourself as you consider your growth and joy in an area we’ve discussed this year:

  • Have you grown in your understanding and acceptance of boundaries for yourself? Maybe you’ve been able to graciously say no to requests that would have disrupted you. Maybe you’ve been able to just begin to identify settings, people, or activities that deplete you or strengthen you. By doing so, you may have begun shifting your energy investments towards the more edifying. You can thank you.
  • Self-worth: have you been able to shed some untrue beliefs about yourself and look into true mirrors that reflect your inner beauty and worth? Maybe you’ve begun living more in your element, recognizing what natural strengths you’ve always had. You can thank you.
  • Rather than relying on other’s approval, maybe you’ve been able to have your own back and approve yourself…or at least, maybe you’re trying. Do you feel like you’ve gotten to know your emotions a little more clearly? Just by knowing how to express your feelings to yourself more clearly is allowing you to practice more emotional self-reliance. You can thank you.
  • Maybe you’ve been able to see hurtful pasts in a new light, shedding a little more understanding or even forgiveness for those who gave you grief. Maybe you’ve been able to give yourself some grace in those past situations or just in every day fumbles. Or maybe these have been new concepts you’re just beginning to learn about or be open to. You can thank you.bart-larue-314562

Your winter gratitude reflection can be simply considering your growth in these areas discussed. If you’d like to commemorate your self-gratitude and progress, you can journal specific moments when you’ve seen yourself grow in a topic above. You can illustrate it in an art form, musically, poetically, or visually. You can review some of the photos you have from the year and reflect on relationships or situations you’ve grown in that you now see in a light of gratitude. Feel free to share with us an image or thought from your reflections.

I want to say that you, as a part of our Whole Women Link community, have given us a sense of hope. By seeing that there are other women seeking, implementing, and sharing healing truths, I know all of us together are making a ripple effect for good on our world. Thank you for being a strengthening link.cropped-cropped-womenlink.jpg

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