Power Restored: Strengthening our Self-Worth

Those of us now living in FL, TX, or GA are daily asked, “is your power restored?” When faced with various storms, it’s important to consider what is within our power.

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What good can I still share with myself and those around me? Sometimes the storms we face aren’t on the radar. They’re the whirlwinds in our minds that circulate around our weakness and rains that pummel our self-worth.

But what if we shift our focus and take shelter in our innate strengths? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is an understanding that each acupuncture meridian circulating within us is categorized within 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of us is more closely aligned with one of these Elements. When we’re living within our Element unblocked, we live within our strengths with our power restored. Acupuncture and lifestyle choices can help unblock us. I’ll be blogging on these lifestyle choices. If you want to learn more about the healing and freedom acupuncture helps supply, you can visit this link.

One of the best ways I’ve seen patients live more fully in their Element is by focusing on their personality strengths associated with their Element. This frees us to drop the comparisons, and focus our time and energy building our strengths. Today, consider which Element you may be by seeing which characteristics most resonate with you:

Wood: associated with the sense of vision and the Spring season. She appreciates order and control so she can create visionary plans. She is creative and great at starting things, just like Spring.

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Fire: associated with speech and the season of Summer. Her strength is her passion and drive. She has bursts of energy and insight, functioning best when she acts during those heightened states. It’s important for her to honor her need to rest and refuel so her fire can have time to reignite.

Earth: associated with the sense of taste and the Late Summer season. She is a harmonizing and thoughtful person either as a thinker or in compassion. She tends to be grounded, not easily irritated or apt to illness. She remembers certain things well and roots them to memory.

Metal: associated with the sense of smell and Fall season. She is physically strong. She’s methodical and able to conceptualize items into systems or strategies.

Water: associated with the sense of hearing and Winter. She has a strong will and is committed to completion. She has a natural sense of wisdom and balance. She identifies when things don’t serve her well, and charts a new course.

Take Action

  • Ponder what natural strengths you have and consider which Element seems to suit you.
  • You can link up with a loved one and help each other identify your natural capabilities.
    Feel free to share your thoughts on your possible Element. If you’d like to learn more about identifying and living in your Element, make sure you subscribe for future content to come.

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